welcome welcome!

dear world!!! WELCOME TO THE NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

man i couldnt even believe it took this long. so take a look around scope out the new digs and get comfty.

i hope this blog rocks your world and i can’t even wait to share all the goodness i have saved on my computer for the next few weeks.

you can still access the old blog, to fill you up so dont you even worry.

i hope you enjoy! toodles.

xoxo, christine

and because this blog is all about humbling myself. this is how excited i am!

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  • Cristin MayMay

    I LOVEEEE it!!! And I love you. And your killer in shape legs in this picture. That’s all. Have fun picking up guidos on the shore 😉

  • Yates

    While the title of this blog is wicked catchy and easy to remember, I hope you scored more than 57 points for making it more than 30 letters long?

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