.things i love.

this is what is making my heart soar right now..

this little love muffin who made me laugh until i cried just when i needed it.

my toms. end of story.

that these are on the shelves at the grocery store.

i looooooooooove them

and that this is the backdrop to some of the pictures i get to share with you on sunday.

happy wednesday!


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  • Jeff

    The last picture makes me angry because you didn’t stop by and say “what up” When you were 10 feet from the studio. Hopefully you tried and we just weren’t here….

  • Oh I Love those things too!! That is the cutest picture of you up top! All of your pictures are beautiful…Miss you, Love!

  • Things I love: You. You& Say. You & Say making me laugh sooo freakin hard I had to change pants. I love you seriously and so does the toddler. She thinks you’re pretty grand. Amazing work by the way. It’s incredible to see you grow and develop this little business of yours.

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