.justin+erin. {greenville, sc engagement}

i’m real partial to this couple. that real handsome guy? that’s my brother. looks run in the family as you can tell 🙂

that beautiful girl standing next to him? my future sissy. and i couldn’t be MORE excited.

for those girls drooling over her skirt. she got it here

i would like to take full credit for them laughing and being so happy in all of these pictures, but it would be a complete lie. justin is the funniest person in my life and this is how life is when you are around him.

love you both SO much.


and since this is where the love started. i couldn’t pass up this ring shot.

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  • Ashley

    oh. em. gee. I was so excited to see this post!! What a wonderful couple and you did a fantastic job capturing how truly happy they are. I am happy for all of you, this will be so exciting for your family 🙂 xoxo

  • Paulette Schievelhud

    I Love Justin and Erin together. They are an amazing couple and the laughter in their faces is perfect! You did an amazing job!

  • Kathleen

    We want more of this couple!!!!

  • admin

    hahaha. love you!

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