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hola! just popping in to say hey and passing on some info!

 if you have been following this blog for a while, which would be shocking if you aren’t my best friend or family and you still follow this, then you have heard me talk about this awesome workshop i took a while back.

503 workshop is hella awesome. i said hella, i know, it’s my blog and i can do what i wantttttt! anyways. jessica the fierce, awesome, talented, hilarious mind behind this workshop. she has a new gig she is offering and i think you should jump on board.

her and her husband’s story and love and sweet precious little family are TO DIE FOR. i feel like she is one of my dearest friends and i may or may not cry over some of her posts and pictures of her baby. that’s not important though. so if you have no need to take her workshop then stalk her blog. you wont regret it. she didn’t pay me to say this, pinky swear.

so click there. go help an awesome cause and learn great things about your camera so you don’t feel like you wasted hundreds of dollars because i know you aren’t getting the kind of pictures you thought you were when you purchased that thing.

how cute is that child huh? thought so too.

oh and christine leGrand photography full time photog is one year old as of this past weekend… and i didn’t fail! holla at a playa.

pps. fall dates are filing up SO fast for family pictures and hoopla. so email so you don’t miss out!

head over to the contact page and shoot me a message!


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