yes i am alive.

sometimes you need a break from things. this is also a really REALLY slow season so i have been making some changes in my business (that i can’t wait to share with you soon)

spending much needed time with family (i don’t think i’ll ever feel like i get enough time with them)

working on taxes. (ew. lamesauce)

celebrating my brothers life.

and taking a few pictures.

so here is a glimpse of my past few weeks from one of my favorite iphone apps instagram. (you can follow me at christinelegrand)

thanks for being patient.

i can’t wait to share the good news and some maternity pictures of my best friend. who by the way is gorgeous and i’m so in love with her baby already.


i have to brag on my amazing friends… it’ll explain the next group of pictures. if you have been following this blog for a couple years you know that my sweet precious brother left this world way too young. well yesterday was his anniversary and this is how my friends helped us celebrate. one of jonathan’s all time favorite things was to have “hawaiian shirt monday”… another favorite thing that he was SO good at was bowling. i’ll brag even more. he even once had a perfect game. what a baller. so my friends put two of his favorite things together and had a night that i can’t even get over. i still get teary eyed thinking about it. what a blessing. the first group of pictures are ones that i love so much of the two of us together. those are just VERY select few. and the rest are from our bowling adventure.

jonboy. i hope you had as much fun as us last night. love you.

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