john+christine: surpise!{i do} | knoxville, tn wedding photographer


they sent out an invitation for their engagement party…. but really it was their wedding.

the greatest thing ever. the most touching thing ever. the most fun thing ever.

i love this couple so much.

i love how they planned this and pulled this off.

i loved being apart of something so special.

so special enough, i didn’t even tell my own family that it was a surprise and they were invited. yikes.

christine did every detail. made the bouquets. boutonnieres. flower arrangements. every detail.

with help from family members for the desserts. it was truly a labor of love.

the wedding party didn’t even know this was a wedding guys!!!! how awesome is that. i love that they weren’t matching. i love it so much.

john+christine. i love you two. thank you for asking me to be apart of this with ya’ll.

this was perfect.


 ps this one is long. have to make up for the time i’ve been away from this sweet blog 🙂

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