rick+raegan {i do} | weaverville, nc wedding photographer


it was a weekend filled with the most purest of joys, laughter, smiles and love.

it is an honor and privilege to be friends with these two and their families. it is a story of sweet young love that was fought for… and completely centered around God. it was about bringing two amazing people together to become a better, more amazing couple. God was so gracious to have the rain stop for 15 mins so that raegan could marry rick in front of that cross… with the mountains in the background… with everyone standing around with umbrellas. it was perfect. more perfect than any planning and blood, sweat, and tears could have put together.

this whole summer has been filled with rain. a lot of rain. it’s made this dreamy job i have, extremely hard and more exhausting than it has ever been. right after we finished the first look i walked around claxton farm in the pouring rain praying (ok begging) that God would just stop the rain and that He would give me a better attitude about the weather. and He did, he stopped the rain for 15 minutes. rick and raegan? the best couple a photographer could ask for… because even while it was pouring they were smiling and had the best attitude and thanking me for being there… and their wedding party? they were hands down the most amazing wedding party i have ever dealt with. all smiling (the whole time) being patient with me, with the rain and willing to do whatever it took to make all of this come together. it was controlled chaos. i say this a lot but i mean it, i have the best job with the best clients anyone could ever dream of. (this is also why i never write things on my blog posts because i get carried away, yikes)

enjoy the wedding at claxton farm.

ps this is super long… so hold on tight 🙂

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  • holly

    perfect … you captured them and this day so perfectly.

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